Apprenticeship Grant

Grant applications are invited from recently employed engineering apprentices, where the trustees will consider awarding £1,000 to the apprentice to help him / her with their studies.

The PPMA BEST Apprenticeship Grant has also been designed to support non-levy paying companies who do not have previous experience of employing an apprentice. Subject to eligibility, a grant award of £2,000 is available to the sponsoring company.

To apply, please download a copy of the Apprenticeship Grant and submit your completed form to PPMA BEST Education Grants, PPMA BEST, New Progress House 34 Stafford Road, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 9AA. Alternatively, you can scan a copy of your completed form to [email protected]

PPMA BEST offers a limited number of apprenticeship grants throughout the fiscal (tax) year.

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Apprenticeship Grant

Application Form