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Carton erecting machines are at the centre of carton packaging. They provide the means to form a packaging carton from cartonboard blanks, skillets and trays.

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How do carton erecting machines work?

The carton erector shapes carton blanks, skillets or trays into a rectangular form. The machinery is designed to close the pre-cut tabs and slots so that the carton is ready for filling. Flaps are secured by applying adhesive or by heating if they are pre-coated.

Trays are shaped and assembled in a similar way before progressing to loading. Once ythe product is loaded, the tray is fully formed and sealed usually with film ready for retail shelves.

Carton erectors save a huge amount of time compared to working by hand, and can form an integral part of an efficient, cost-effective packaging line. 

Carton Blank Erecting Machine

A packaging machine which forms carton blanks into cartons and secures them by engaging pre-cut tabs and slots, by applying adhesive or by applying heat to pre-coated cartons.

Cartonboard is made from fibre from by-products of the timber industry or recovered paper, board and packaging products. It’s a strong and flexible substrate, and in Europe alone we get through 6,000,000 tonnes per year. It’s used throughout retail for packaging small and medium sized products.

Cartonboard blanks are basic flat cartons with sealed edges and joins. Skillets are die cut with tabs and slits, while trays are cut to form open-topped trays.

Skillet Erecting Machine

A packaging machine which erects pre-glued cartonboard skillets. The skillet erecting machine secures the flaps at one end of the carton by engaging pre-cut tabs and slots, by applying adhesive or by applying heat to pre-coated cartons.

Tray Erecting, Loading and Sealing Machine

A cartoning machine in which a cartonboard tray blank is partly formed before being loaded horizontally with a product. After loading the cartonboard tray is fully formed and sealed in the machine. This type of machine is used to form retail ready trays of products like Oxo cubes and Aspirin.

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