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Form Fill Seal (FFS) machines are packaging machines that form fill and seal a package on the same machine.

The main types are vertical form fill seal (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) machines – a term often used in the market place to cover horizontal versions of flow-wrappers, sachet machines, blister pack machines, four side seal machines and thermoform fill and seal machines.; in both cases packaging material is fed off a roll, shaped, and sealed. The bags/packs are then filled, sealed and separated.

Today many FFS systems are highly sophisticated featuring computer interfaces and control networks. Greater speed and versatility are the major benefits of FFS systems for user companies. For example snack producers demand systems that have the versatility to provide fast changeover between many different packaging formats to meet growing demand for single serve packs. Here VERTICAL FFS is capable of creating virtually any size or shape ranging from the standard pillow pack to bags sealed on all four sides.

The multiplicity of FFS machines employ a wide range of material types and are used across numerous markets including food, drinks, cosmetics, electronics, stationary, tobacco, chemical, medical, and pharmaceuticals.

Form fill seal machines are often divided into the types of packs they produce:

Bags and Pillow packs

flow-wrapper; lower reel flow-wrapper; vertical form fill and seal; stickpack machines; mandrel form fill seal.


blow fill seal.


vertical carton board form fill seal.

Pots trays and blisters

cold form fill seal; thermoform fill seal; blister form fill seal.

Sachets and Envelopes

edge seal machine; horizontal form fill seal; vertical sachet form fill seal.

Sacks and Bags

tubular sack form fill seal and vertical form fill seal.

However, each type is introduced individually on the following pages to ensure that browsers are able to access information on easily.

Products commonly associated with form/fill/seal include:

Crisps; Nuts; Sugar; Rice; Pulses; Sweets & Confectionery; Sauces & Soups; Pet Foods; Grain; Jams & Preserves; Cakes; Bread; Biscuits; Tea Bags; Condiments; Tablets, Capsules and Pills, Greetings cards; Phone cards.

Common Terminology

  • Horizontal product infeed mechanism
  • Film unwind mechanism
  • Film folding box
  • Longitudinal seal mechanism
  • Transverse seal mechanism
  • Transverse cutting mechanism
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Film forming tube
  • Automatic filling device
  • Film transport mechanism
  • Mandrel
  • Mandrel bag forming mechanism
  • Bag fold and seal
  • Bag seal
  • Multihead weigher
  • hopper
  • augur filler
  • Bag
  • Bag-in-Box
  • Block bottom bag
  • Deformable material
  • Film reel
  • Film web
  • Flexible packaging material
  • Lay flat tube
  • Paper/foil laminate
  • Pre-made bag
  • Pre-made sack
  • Sachet
  • Pouch
  • Side seam seal
  • Thermoformable material
  • Longitudinal seal
  • Magazine