Label Design Software

Label Design Software

There is a huge amount of label design software on the market. However, much of this is aimed at the consumer market and focusses more on the design elements than integral aspects necessary for use on packaging, such as barcodes and serial numbers. For commercial purposes, label design software must be deeply integratable with databases, printers and machinery.

Information to be displayed on product labels is usually pulled from complex databases, spreadsheets and other kinds of files. Serial numbers and barcodes, specifically, require input from databases in order to design the label to go on the product. This is labour-intensive, or downright impossible, on the kind of label design software used for consumer purposes.


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That said, beautiful graphics to be placed on the label of a product can be externally designed on Adobe, or other high end graphic design, software, then uploaded to most commercial label design software where barcode and serial number information can be added.

Commercial label design software allows for more creative options in how barcodes are displayed when printed, such as the option for either 1D or 2D appearance. Alternative forms of barcoding, such as QR codes, are also possible with the use of integrated label design software pulling data from pre-filled databases. 

Types of Label Design Software

Barcode Software

Barcoding software enables companies from a variety of industries to create, index and print barcodes. Barcode label design software is related to inventory control and management software.

Label Management System

Integrating label design software, document management, and printing system, a label management system refers to labelling software that handles every aspect of label management from start to finish. Other features may be available on more high-end systems.


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