Label Dispensing Machinery

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Label Dispensing Machinery

Label Dispensing Machinery simplifies the process of adhering labels to product packaging. Labels can range from those found on food and drinks packaging to barcodes and shipping information. Mostly, a label dispenser will remove the label from its backing tape or label. Then, the label can be either manually stuck to the package by a human operator or, more commonly nowadays, automatically adhered with the use of a label applicator machine.

The label dispenser is usually loaded with a magazine or roll of labels which are then dispensed one by one. In automatic label dispensing machinery combined with a label applicator, this may be extremely fast, whereas human operators work far slower than an automated label applicator.

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In automated label dispensing and application machinery, a motor automates the dispenser, controlling the speed at which the labels are dispensed. A feed roller pushes the label towards a peeling edge to remove it from its backing. As the product to be labelled approaches, a limit switch is triggered to advance the label onto the product. Photodetectors can also be used to ensure the label is in place at the correct point in the cycle, feeding information back to the dispenser when there is a timing discrepancy.

Types of Label Dispensing Machines

Label Applicator

Label applicators can be fully automated, capable of applying thousands of labels a minute. They often work in conjunction with label dispensing machinery to streamline the label application process.

Price Guns

Price guns are predominantly handheld devices that are widely used across the retail industry, able to produce labels and, mainly, price stickers, easily. They are great for use on the shop floor to mark products for special offers and promotions. A variation of price guns are tagging guns, which are used to fasten price labels to soft items, such as textiles and clothing.


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Common Terminology

  • Label applicator
  • Backing tape
  • Automated dispensing
  • Pricing gun
  • Price marking
  • Limit switch
  • Multiple-row labels
  • Peeler plate
  • Label flag
  • Label web
  • Position sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Photoelectric sensor
  • Capacitive sensor
  • Feed-roller
  • Take-up spool
  • Photodetector