Label Rewinder Machines

Label Rewinder Machines

Label rewinders are used to rewind labels onto a roll after they are printed to facilitate application to packages and containers by a label dispenser or a self-adhesive labelling machine. As printed labels come out of a printer, the label rewinder gathers the labels onto a roll. Rewinders are generally considered an essential part of labelling machinery.

How useful is a label rewinder?

Label rewinders can run accurately and with minimal supervision at high speeds. They are a key part of label printing and application processes for short runs, but they come even more into their own in longer runs.  

The alternative to using a label rewinder is to rewind onto a roll by hand or to fold labels into hand collection onto a roll or folded into a stack. Manual working takes up staff time which could be better spent in other activities. Unlike rewinder machines, hand winding and folding is less accurate and can result in untidy rolls, which result in wastage of damaged labels, and the need for reprinting. Furthermore, rewinders can operate automatically and require far less inspection time and resources than a manual rewinding operation.

Label rewinders can sit externally to a label printing line or be fully integrated into the line. They are very frequently used as part of the packaging line for bottles and other containers, but are also in widespread use with many other forms of packaging for liquids, dry goods and fresh food.  

How fast are label rewinders?

For short runs of 50-500 labels, label rewinders have been shown to save approaching 50% of the time needed for manual rewinding. As run sizes increase the time savings for label rewinders becomes significantly greater, and the cost savings increase very significantly as well. In terms of efficiency, accuracy and costs, label rewinders offer multiple advantages. 

What type of labels work on label rewinders?

Label rewinders are suited to any labels printed onto a reel, including all shapes and sizes of self-adhesive labels printed on a large variety of papers and other substrates, including die-cut and custom-made labels. 

Label Rewinder Machinery

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