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Labelling Machines apply labels and decoration onto all types of packaging containers, display, point-of-sale and transit packs.

Labels are used on every kind of product to brand, decorate or provide information for the consumer. Many labels do all three functions and can contain, for example, pre-printed bar codes supplying, batch, stock and price information to the retailer and consumer.

Other machines provide print on demand and weigh/price labels, usually for fresh or perishable products where the weight of item varies from pack to pack or for transit purposes. Many of these labels are printed and applied in the store or warehouse.

Labels are also used to provide protection against tampering (tamper evident) to ensure the product reaches the consumer without interference and unopened. Sleevers or sleeving equipment that apply a sleeve of thermoformable or stretch material to the neck or body of the container, are generally used to apply tamper evident labels. Shrink sleeve labels are also used on products which do not have surfaces suitable for a conventional label.

A growing market is security labelling to counter fraud and theft, and give brand protection and authentication. These include RFID and smart labels, holographic labels, tamper evidence, counterfeit deterrence and source tagging. Other machines are used to apply Leaflet labels – multi-page labels that provide space for large amounts of consumer information e.g. in pharmaceutical applications.

Other types of labelling include in-mould labelling a technique that applies labels to blown bottles, injection moulded containers, and thermoform fill seal machines for yoghurt pots as they are formed on equipment.

There are two principal types of labelling machine: Wet Glue and pressure Sensitive (Self Adhesive) applicators. These and their variants, plus special purpose machines are listed in the detailed pages.

Common Terminology

  • Application heads
  • Release paper
  • Feeder
  • Stack
  • Roll
  • Sheet
  • Glue reservoir
  • Hot melt applicator
  • Register mark
  • Glue applicator
  • Printers
  • Applicators
  • Blow labeller
  • Thermal transfer
  • Pad printer
  • Print Resolution