Technical Update

Welcome to the PPMA's technical area, which will keep you up-to-date with the latest issues, as well as providing in-depth information, free downloads and links to other relevant websites.

This area is sub-divided into three key sections: Directives, Standards and Guidance.

The Directives section will include a list of European Directives which may apply to members. Background information will be included along with relevant guidance documents and links to useful external sites.

The Standards section will include lists of relevant standards that could be used, divided by sector or machine type. This section will increase in size over time.

Finally, the Guidance section pulls together all the guidance documents and links from the Directives pages into one, easy to find area. As with the Standards section, this will increase overtime.

The aim of the Technical Area is to provide up-to-date, pertinent information that members need access to. Please feel free to make any suggestions about information that you would like to see included.