CE Audit Seminars

When purchasing new machinery it is important to ensure that it meets all of the legal requirements, is CE marked correctly and is safe.

This seminar is aimed at people purchasing machinery, as well as manufacturers, to guide them as to what information is reasonable to share. It will explain what to check in a Technical File and what documentation is required.

There are example declarations to be reviewed. A CE audit checklist is also provided to use in real audits, with an explanation of what to look for. This does not remove the need for a PUWER assessment when the machine is installed. It does, however, ensure that ‘Regulation 10’ of PUWER has been addressed and if there are any non-compliance. They are brought to the manufacturer’s attention before the machine is shipped and before the final payments are made.

The machine manufacturers' permission should be requested before a CE audit is carried out, as there is no legal right for anyone to see the Technical File, other than the Health and Safety Authorities. Any manufacturer not willing to demonstrate that the Technical File can be compiled should be treated with caution as, in the event of a problem, they may not take any responsibility.

Free to download: CE Audit Checklist (xlsx)

For more information, please e-mail christine.jordan@ppma.co.uk or call 020 8773 8111.



1st Delegate @ £395 + VAT
Subsequent Delegates @ £350 each + VAT
Special rates available for PPMA members



9:30am Registration
10:00am Introduction / Seminar Start
11:30-11:45am Coffee
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Seminar continues
3:15pm Tea
3:30pm Seminar continues