Acrovision launches ‘most reliable’ AFS-100 Fever Screening Solution

20 Nov 2020

Acrovision has reportedly launched the market’s most reliable, accurate and versatile Fever Screening Solution, the AFS-100.


The AFS-100 Fever Screening Solution meets the ISO 80601-2-59:2017 standard for Basic Safety and Essential Performance of Screening for Human Febrile Temperature. It has been designed to be extremely easy to install and use yet remain highly accurate in its readings.

The system comprises a state-of-the-art high-resolution thermal imaging camera (382 x 288 pixels), feedback monitor, plus the all-important reference box that ensures the accuracy of +/-0.5 °C.

As an option, the AFS-100 offers a data collection bolt-on, which enables the use of personnel ID cards to both trigger the camera and to log individual’s temperature measurements for further analysis or tailoring of results.

When designing AFS-100, the Hertfordshire-base company analysed what the market needed and what was required to ensure the system was fit-for-purpose and provide the greatest chance of highlighting fever-like systems.

The AFS-100 targets the medial confluence of the upper and lower eyelid. It analyses every pixel (approx. 1.3mm) of the Medial Canthu area and highlights the hottest region.

Acrovision believes the AFS-100 offers the optimum and most trust-worthy solution at a cost-effective price-point. It is sold with a certificate of calibration, validating the measurement made against a traceable 35 °C temperature reference source.

What’s more, the company has announced that 10% of the profits from sales of the AFS-100 will be donated to the NHS, and its battle to contain the Coronavirus.


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