Acrovision’s Fever Screening Solution

30 Jun 2020

Acrovision is actively assisting in the battle against the coronavirus (COVID-19) following the release of its AFS-100 Fever Screening Solution

The AFS-100 is an automatic thermal imaging-based camera system for detecting people with “fever-like” temperatures.


It comes amid heightened demand for worldwide screening to detect for the virus and to help reduce the reproductive (‘R’) rate.

The basis for the effectiveness of thermal cameras as a screening tool lies in the correlation of outside skin surface temperature with that of the internal or core body temperature.

Thermal cameras, such as Acrovision’s AFS-100 model, can detect elevated body temperature (EBT), which then requires to individual to undertake an enhanced screening by a healthcare professional for possible COVID-19.

The Hertfordshire-based company has also pledged to denote 10% of AFS-100 profits to the NHS.

To learn more about the AFS-100, you can watch a four-minute company video here.

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