Active8 Robots Attollo Palletiser

18 Jun 2019

Active8 Robots’ Attollo Palletiser is a compact and mobile robot palletiser, used for the automated stacking of goods onto a pallet from a conveyor belt.

Traditional palletisers tend to be large, fixed, installations utilising industrial robots, which must be bolted down and surrounded by safety guarding. The Attollo Palletiser is a compact robot palletiser that offers a small footprint and high mobility, so it can be easily redeployed anywhere on the factory floor with minimal setup.

The lightweight portable design means that it only requires two people to relocate by simple removal of braked castors. It has been designed with ease of use in mind and can be configured using a simple graphical user interface on a touch screen display, by an operative with no knowledge of robot programming.

Optional extension features include the ability to incorporate layer boards, or sheets, and a multi-functional tool head for dual picking.

This innovative packaging solution has a patent pending.

See the specifications here

See a demonstration video here