Active8 Robots Sandwich Assembly and Packing Solution

19 Jun 2019

An automated sandwich assembly and packing solution has been developed by Active8 Robots for a leading Food-To-Go manufacturer.

Prior to the design of this solution, sandwich assembly was completed almost entirely manually by a large number of temporary and permanent staff. The main objective was to reduce dependency on labour as hiring and retaining quality personnel is a major industry challenge.

Strict guidelines on hygiene and cross-contamination have been followed from the outset of the design. All of the equipment is food grade and engineered for ease and speed of cleaning.

This cost saving, easy to repeat and redeploy design provides objective quality control using machine vision and increased output consistency. The most common quality failures, as well as their nature and rates, can be recorded easily and then improved.

Bakery staff are free to be deployed to jobs more suitable for people and move away from repetitive tasks that are suited to robots.

This innovative and patent pending robotic solution has conquered the many challenges of checking and manipulating a fragile and inconsistent product, moving rapidly to keep up with the required high-speed production. This is a novel automated solution in a currently heavily manual industry.

See attached video of factory acceptance testing prior to deployment on the customer’s site: