ALRAD IMAGING is now distributor in the UK for Bluevision Ltd

21 Aug 2019

ALRAD IMAGING is pleased to announce it is now distributor in the UK for Bluevision Ltd, Japan a world leader in the manufacturer of Spectroscopic prism imaging cameras.

The Bluevision range consists of the following:-

Spectroscopic prism imaging camera

This series uses prismatic optics to scatter incident light at different wavelengths or different light characteristics. These spectroscopic cameras will make it easier to discriminate scratches or foreign items that may be difficult to discriminate by a single wavelength.

Short-wave infrared (SWIR) line scan cameras

This series provides dedicated line scan cameras for short wave infrared (SWIR). The wavelength range is mainly from 950 nm to 1,700 nm. BV-C3101 and BV-C2906 from 900 nm to 2,600 nm.

Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) Area Scanning Camera

This series comprises area scan cameras dedicated to short-wave infrared (SWIR). The sensors to be used are VGA and QVGA type and both handle wavelengths from 950nm to 1,700 nm.

Bluevision also manufacture a high sensitive HDTV colour camera employing a newly developed CMOS sensor using a multi sampling technology, auto focus HDTV camera using x20 lens and cameras conforming to the standard broadcasting system such as HDTV,NTSC and PAL.

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