Automation Technology for Robotics (ATRO): The perfect robot for every application

31 Jan 2023

Compact multi-axis system: Modular, flexible and integrated

Compact multi-axis system: Modular, flexible and integrated

With ATRO, Beckhoff is presenting a new concept for robotics applications. This is a modular system from which the right robot kinematics can be put together extremely flexibly for any application. A highlight of the system is the internal media feed for data, power and fluids. This has been implemented in such a way that all axis are designed to rotate endlessly.

With ATRO, users can create almost any robot design for their application from the modules provided – from a simple 1-axis rotary indexing table application and delta kinematics, through to multi-axis articulated robots. Beckhoff's holistic perspective is decisive for simple commissioning and handling, because only the direct integration of the robot system into PC-based control enables a truly optimised complete solution for the machine or plant. This reduces the number of controls needed on one industrial PC, even with multiple robots.

ATRO kinematics are made up of active joints – the motor modules. The motor modules are available in different designs: straight modules in I-shape or angled modules in L-shape, which are designed in five power sizes. Each motor module forms a complete drive system for one axis of the robot. The only external components required are a power supply and a control, which significantly reduces the space required in the control cabinet. In addition to the active modules, there are connection modules without their own drive:

Base modules as a base including the media feed

Link modules with I, L and Y-shapes for implementing individual robot configurations,

System modules that can be used to integrate additional functions such as a camera.