Epson extends its high end SCARA robot range

13 May 2022

Epson’s industry-leading range of SCARA robots has been further extended with the introduction of two highly compact models, designed for speed and precision.

Epson Scara.jpg

Epson has extended its industry-leading range of SCARA robots with the addition of two new models – the GX4 and GX8. Offering standard-setting performance, the new highly compact and versatile robots are designed to maximise productivity, speed and precision in confined spaces, and are ideal for applications across a wide range of industries, from assembling automotive components, to dosing and feeding.

With a maximum payload of 4Kg, the Epson SCARA GX4 offers a large work envelope, despite its small footprint (140cm x 185.5cm), and cycle times as low as 0.33 seconds, even during extended use. Many assembly tasks can only be performed in one arm orientation, which is why the SCARA GX4 Series has been designed with an arm that curves to the left or right, allowing the maximum square working area to be increased by up to 40%. The arm’s unique, high-rigidity design also means very low residual vibration, with smooth start and stop, even at high speeds, and is available with lengths of 250mm, 300mm and 350mm. The size, speed and pinpoint accuracy of the SCARA GX4 Series makes it ideal for use in a wide range of industries, from mobile phones and computers, to creating medical equipment and packaging medications.

With a similar design and performance profile to the GX4 Series, the Epson SCARA GX8 robot has a maximum payload of 8Kg, a footprint of 185cm x 220cm, and cycle times as low as 0.28 seconds. As with the SCARA GX4, the SCARA GX8 also features a unique high-rigidity arm design giving very low residual vibration, with smooth start and stop motion at all speeds. With the ability to replace larger robots, the GX8 will improve productivity an any industry where high speed with maximum precision is required, such as the production of mechanical and electrical parts, pick-and-place applications, and dosing and feeding.

Both new SCARA models are supplied as a complete Epson solution, including robot, controller and software, and can be supplied as tabletop units. The GX8 is also available as a wall or ceiling-mounted unit, while the GX4 is available as a multi-mount unit, suitable for both ceiling and wall mounting. Clean room options, and units which are suitable for special installation environments such as IP65 and ESD, are also available.

“Epson has led the SCARA industry for 35 years with unique and ground-breaking technology,” said Volker Spanier, Head of Manufacturing Solutions at Epson. “These latest robots, which complete our SCARA range and set new standards for speed and precision, are a perfect example of how Epson responds to continually evolving market requirements.”

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