FANUC launches its strongest SCARA robot

16 Feb 2021

FANUC has expanded its SCARA robot line-up with the introduction of the newest model: the SR-20iA.

With an increased payload capacity of 20kg, the SR-20iA is FANUC’s strongest SCARA to date. Alongside its small, lightweight design, the SR-20iA SR-20 opens new operational possibilities in assembly, handling, picking and packaging applications.

Its footprint of 280 x 364mm, weight of 64kg and 1100mm reach enables the SR-20iA to operate at maximum efficiency, even in compact spaces. Despite its small frame, its output is might; it fulfils the requirements of high-speed assembly, ensuring a high total part throughput.

Internally routed services give the robot a clean and clear look, minimising the interference area and making it simple to be installed into any assembly line. A waterproof, white epoxy paint IP65-rated variant is also available to meet cleanroom environment demands.

Oliver Selby, Robotics Business Development Manager at FANUC UK, said: “We are excited to launch the SR-20iA, which has been specifically designed to simplify integration for our customers. It represents a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for a broad range of packaging and assembly applications.”

Powered by the R-30iB Compact Plus Controller, it supports a range of software options, including FANUC’s image processing tool iRVision and logistics software iRPickTool. FANUC also offers the software iRProgrammer for easy robot set-up and programming, which can be accessed through web-browsers on both tablets and computers.

The SR-20iA’s 20kg payload and high speed make it a suitable alternative for traditional packaging applications. It also supports larger grippers and therefore the assembly of bigger parts.

The SR-20iA offers FANUC quality and functionality to businesses with varied packaging needs, representing a practical and economical solution.

“We always strive to ensure the best performance from the smallest possible footprint, and this exactly what we achieved with the SR-20iA, added Selby. “The compact design and functional capabilities enable the robot to be suitable for a variety of manufacturer requirements. Complete with FANUC’s state-of-the-art software and support, it is the perfect addition to any production line.”

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