Farleygreene partners with SepSol for exports to the US and Canada

18 Nov 2020

Farleygreene Sieving Technology has announced a new partnership with Michigan (US)-based SepSol Process Solutions to supply Sievmaster equipment to the US and Canada.

The new deal will see the two companies work together to bring about high quality, efficient, sieving equipment to the processing industries based in North America.   

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with SepSol,” remarks Antony Hare, Managing Director for Farleygreene. “Farleygreene has been looking to expand its reach across the Atlantic for some time with the right partner, and a brief conversation between myself and James Lyon at SepSol across a social media platform started the ball rolling.

“Since then, the Farleygreene and SepSol teams have been discussing our possible partnership, leading to this announcement. We look forward to introducing our sieving equipment to SepSol’s existing US and Canada customer base, as well as opening up new clients for them and us.”

In response, James Lyon, Managing Director of SepSol Process Solutions, said: "SepSol strives to assist its customers to alleviate their manufacturing challenges. Partnering with Farleygreene will help us greatly in that effort. They are known throughout the world as a company that delivers results. We are honoured to have this opportunity to provide a launching pad for Farleygreene to duplicate their success in solving the sieving needs of industry for this part of the world.

“For nearly 20 years, SepSol has sought out partnerships with manufacturing companies that provide innovative solutions that meet or exceed the expectations of the market. Farleygreene is certainly such a company," he added.

For more information on Farleygreene, visit: www.farleygreene.com