Harting simplifies the mounting of sensors

17 Nov 2020

Northampton-based Harting has developed a component carrier that can be mounted directly with electronic components.

With the component carrier from Harting, the manual mounting of position sensors is no longer necessary. The component carrier increases reproducibility and reduces processing costs.

The component carrier serves as a connecting element between a printed circuit board (PCB) and electronic components (such as LEDs, ICs, photodiodes, or sensors). Flexible circuit boards can also be replaced to increase precision.

Automatic mounting of position sensors

In electrical drives, Hall sensors are used to determine the exact position of the rotor and the electronic components are normally attached manually as wired through-hole technology (THT) components. A mechanical bracket is also mounted which aligns the sensors at an angle of precisely 90 degrees.

Thanks to Harting’s new component carrier, manual assemblies are no longer necessary. Sensors are automatically mounted onto the component carrier, making an additional component for arranging and aligning the sensors unnecessary.

For more information on Harting, visit: www.harting.com/UK