ifm launches versatile compact signal lamps

30 Jun 2020

Ifm electronic’s new DV2100 range signal lamps are ideal for machine and plant status signalling applications, even in demanding environments.

The lamps can display up to seven different colours, which are easily visible even in bright lighting conditions, and feature robust IP67 construction. Their compact size and ease of installation with a single M30 nut means that they are equally suitable for use in new equipment, or to replace and upgrade existing light signalling systems.

To further increase their versatility, DV2100 signal lamps can be supplied with an integral sounder that generates audible warnings at levels up to 90 dB, and with an integral no-wear capacitive pushbutton. Versions are also available with both of these options.

All models in the DV2100 range have an IO-Link interface that offers dependable and straightforward connectivity combined with maximum versatility. They also have conventional digital inputs for use in simple and legacy applications.

When used with the IO-Link interface, all operating parameters can be instantly adjusted via acyclic commands from a PLC. Operating parameters enable dynamically changing to one of seven different colours, with a choice of three blinking modes and three flashing modes. Users can also choose from seven different warning sounds for models fitted with a sounder and, for pushbutton equipped models, the function of the pushbutton can be freely assigned.

Two operating modes are provided when conventional digital inputs are used. The first allows seven colours to be produced via three digital inputs that can be switched individually or in combination. The second mode allows three colours to be selected via separate pins on the unit’s M12 connector. It’s intended for applications where the DV2100 is used as a replacement for a traditional multi-segment signalling lamp.  In both modes, the sounder and pushbutton, when fitted, are accessible via separate pins on the M12 connector.

DV2100 compact signalling lamps operate from nominal 24 V DC supplies and all connections are made via a single M12 connector. Accessories include pole and wall mounting brackets, mounting poles of various lengths and pre-assembled connecting cables.

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