Inspired in 60 Seconds

03 Dec 2020

Do you have 60 seconds to help encourage young people into our industry?

PPMA BEST is engaging with schools around the UK and is seeking 60-second video submissions from people within the industry from which to create an inspirational careers’ video.

You can use a smartphone to produce your video. Simply your phone at arm’s length in portrait.

What should you say in those 60 seconds?

  • Introduce yourself, with your name, company, and job title
  • Tell the children how you arrived at the decision to take up a career in engineering and what you like about it.

Our target audience are students 13 to 14 years old. We will edit and combined highlights from all the clips to make an engaging, informal, and fun video to show at school STEM days.

You can watch a sample 60-second tutorial video here.

Please submit your 60-second video to (recommend using or Dropbox).

Do something great at the grass roots level by sharing your experiences to spur on the next generation of engineers and technicians.

Thank you for helping PPMA BEST develop the talent of tomorrow.