Integrated wrapping and labelling system delivers e-Commerce gain

25 Apr 2019

Specialist shrink wrapping company Yorkshire Packaging Systems (YPS) is now offering the Flexo E-COM integrated system developed by Hugo Beck in Germany to meet the accuracy demands of e-Commerce.

The company recognised the requirement for total accuracy in labelling and the need to streamline the whole wrapping process for this market. The challenge was to link the shrink wrapping process with the data handling software and labelling to offer a complete solution to e-Commerce customers. The result is the Flexo E-COM, a machine that incorporates a print and apply data management system into the company’s existing shrink wrapping equipment.

“The brilliance of this new solution is its insistence on faultless precision,” explains Glyn Johnson, managing director at YPS. “To avoid any opportunity for error, the system only works with one piece of data at any one time,” he says.

Unlike other models on the market that handle batches of data, the Hugo Beck machine works by feeding one product at a time into the shrink wrapper which has the print and apply system mounted inside. The system reads the product and prints one label using only the one data record it holds.

This product is then bagged by the shrink wrapper and the system applies the printed label, before destroying the data and waiting for the next product.

“This one-in-one-out process eliminates any chance of operator error or glitches and ensures absolute reliability, security, compliance with data laws and complete peace of mind,” says Johnson. 

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  • Look out for the warehousing, logistics and e-Commerce feature in the May/June issue of Machinery Update that will be available from 20 May.