JL Goor Offers Bespoke Customisation for FANUC Machines

25 Feb 2021

A leading machinery supplier to the Irish polymer market – and FANUC Strategic Partner – JL Goor, has installed a new customisation centre in Mullingar to provide a more bespoke offering to its customers.

The centre will allow Wicklow-based JL Goor to customise machines for its customers, providing turn-key products that are bespoke to the production facility they are destined for. The capacity to tailor machines in-house drastically reduces lead times, and ensures greater control over the adjustments being made.

JL Goor’s capabilities are best demonstrated by its role in providing customised FANUC ROBOSHOT all-electric injection moulding machines to its customers. Whether this is the inclusion of water manifolds, the introduction of temperature controls, or a whole range of alterations to the stock ROBOSHOT machine, it ensures the efficient provision of bespoke turn-key solutions, tested and ready for immediate use.

Paul Bryan, General Manager, Sales & Marketing at JL Goor explains: “We have been customising machines for a long time, because you often find that manufacturers need their machines to fulfil a unique task, or operate in a specific way. We had previously sub-contracted this type of work, but found that this added an extra stage, and we saw an opportunity to streamline the whole process.

“We’ll typically take a stock machine, which tends to be available in just a few weeks, and then pass it through our customisation centre, massively reducing the overall lead time for a bespoke injection moulding machine. The great thing about working with FANUC ROBOSHOT machines is, while they’re renowned as the benchmark when it comes to injection moulding equipment, they are designed to be customised. This ensures that virtually any production line can enjoy the benefits of a bespoke ROBOSHOT machine.”

Moving customisation in-house has also allowed JL Goor to bring a number of staff back to its own site, having previously been located in sub-contractor premises. Paul continues: “As the Irish polymer market continues to grow, so too does the demand for high-performance machinery that is production-line ready, right from the off.

“Our capacity to turn around key alterations to stock products allows us to facilitate growth in productivity for our customers – which is good for them, for us, and ultimately for Irish manufacturing as a whole.”

David Raine, Key Account Manager UK and Ireland at FANUC UK, comments: “We’ve always enjoyed a close working relationship with JL Goor, and it’s fantastic to see the growth of their facility with this new customisation centre. We’re delighted that customers in Ireland will have this level of access to our ROBOSHOT machines, able to be tailored to suit their individual needs.”

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