Kenos KVG60 gripper system now configurable with Piab suction cups

09 Jul 2020

Piab has launched its KVG60C gripper system as a new online configurator tool for Kenos grippers.

With Piab’s new configurator tool, it is quick and easy to digitally design a KVG60 gripper system equipped with vacuum generation and Piab’s suction cups.

Select from nearly all Piab suction cups; define the length of the gripper by millimetre; then set the space (c-c distance) between suction cup on the gripper. 

The result means that channel partners and/or customers (end-users, integrators, or machine builders) receive the technical information, drawings, CAD downloads, and pricing information immediately for the gripper tool they require.

Target application  

  • Top loading, i.e. loading of several identical objects into carton boxes or bins in packaging lines within the fast consumer goods manufacturing industry. 
  • Unloading several objects at the same time from boxes or bins. 
  • Sorting objects from Point A to Point B in packaging lines.
  • Palletising/Depalletising rows of smaller boxes/objects.

For more information on the KVG60 gripper systems, click here, or visit for more general company news and support.