Lenze innovative mounting bracket for 25C sensors

27 Apr 2021

Lenze has unveiled an innovative mounting bracket for their 25C sensors that saves conveyor system manufacturers time and money.

Designed for reliable pallet detection, the sensor and bracket are supplied as a pre-assembled set to enable the conveyor system manufacturer to pre-mount to the conveyor in the factory. This is traditionally done onsite during the installation and commissioning phase of the system.

The innovative new mounting brackets are designed specifically to fit the 25C series sensors. It means that the conveyor system manufacturer can install the sensor and bracket set inside the conveyor, protecting it from potential damage.

The integrated sloping front screen of the bracket deflects any dirt or debris that may fall onto it ensuring that the all-in-one solution requires less cleaning and maintenance than systems that rely on standard retro-reflective photoelectric sensors.

In addition, the special ambient light configuration of the 25C sensors ensures that they are insensitive to high-frequency LED illumination used that is often found in production and logistics buildings and can cause unreliable operation of other types of diffuse sensors.

Pallets are notoriously difficult to detect with diffuse optical sensors due to the differences in colour and surface. However, thanks to the detection performance and outstanding function reserve of the 25C sensors from Leuze these issues are easily overcome and reliable detection of different pallet types is ensured

For more information on Lenze, visit: https://www.lenze.com/en-gb/