Lenze launches new LBK radar system for harsh environments

18 Mar 2021

Leuze has expanded its safety product range with the launch of its LBK radar system.

The 3D safety system reliably monitors danger zones of machinery. It is ideal for use in environments containing dirt, welding sparks, sawdust, smoke, or within areas of heightened humidity.

Jörg Packeiser, Corporate Product Marketing Manager (Safety) at Leuze, said: “The big advantage of the LBK safety radar system is that it is resistant to environmental influences, but is also very sensitive and can reliably detect movement within an area of up to 15 x 4 metres.

"In addition, the LBK radar technology monitors a three-dimensional space, not just a two-dimensional surface,” he added.

The LBK radar system responds to movements and generates a stop signal as soon as a person enters the monitored area. Its sensors protect employees as well as operating processes.

As soon as monitored area is clear, the system informs the machine that it is safe to restart. The radar technology can reliably differentiate between stationery people and static objects, such as pallets or material containers, to avoid unnecessary interruption.

Flexible in use, easy to install

The LBK safety radar system is used primarily for restart protection and for monitoring hidden areas. Users can adapt it to their individual requirements with:

  • the number and position of the sensors
  • the adjustable operating range
  • the selectable opening angle

The system makes good use of its 3D radar technology to monitor areas on steps or pedestals and areas shaded by non-metallic objects.

To safeguard larger areas, up to six radar sensors can be connected via a controller.  Individual sensors can also be connected to form groups, which can be switched off to enable the system to adapt to dynamic processes.

The LBK safety radar system’s easy-to-operate configuration software can be adapted too to define the system parameters.

For more information on Lenze, visit: https://www.lenze.com/en-gb/