New Embedded Vision Starterkit from Allied Vision and Co.

04 Nov 2020

Machine vision experts, Allied Vision Technologies GmbH and MVTec Software GmbH have combined their industry and application know-how to introduce a new Embedded Vision Starterkit.

Designed to reduce the evaluation and prototyping stages of product development, this hardware and software bundle enables users to easily test embedded vision applications on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit.

The starter kit comprises Allied Vision’s innovative Alvium 1500 C CSI-2 camera and a demo comprises various machine vision applications based on MVTec’s comprehensive machine vision software, HALCON.

Bundled machine vision know-how

The main components of the Embedded Vision Starterkit are Allied Vision’s 1.2 megapixel CSI-2 camera Alvium 1500 C-120, with the powerful ON Semi AR0135CS CMOS sensor, the machine vision software MVTec HALCON (in the form of a browser-based demo application and executable without an additional license), as well as installed MIPI CSI-2 drivers for Allied Vision cameras.

The heart of the kit is a triangle-shaped circuit board. There are different application examples based on machine vision technologies, such as matching, reading of bar and data codes, pose estimation, and deep-learning-based classification can be executed.

The setup is completed by an adapter board for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit, a CSI-2 flex cable, an S-Mount lens, and an Alvium tripod mounting plate. With the starter kit, users can run the preinstalled application examples.

Developing custom applications using HALCON's extensive toolbox is possible with a development license of MVTec HALCON (not included). The Embedded Vision Starterkit will be available with the release of MVTec´s new HALCON 20.11 version, as well as Allied Vision's CSI-2 driver for NVIDIA JetPack 4.4 SDK from 20 November 2020.

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