Nord energy-efficient synchronous motors set new standards

22 Apr 2021

Nord Gear has raised the bar following the launch of its new energy-efficient, cost-conscious and environmentally friendly, IE5+ synchronous motor.

The new motor is available in ventilated or smooth versions up to a power of 4.0 kW. If required, the motors are provided with a very smooth surface or the nsd tupH surface treatment.

Nord DriveSystems motors are characterised by high efficiency and a wide torque range, which makes them optimally suitable for economic operation in the partial load range.

The new IE5+ motors are equally interesting for both intralogistics and hygiene-sensitive areas in food and pharmaceutical industries.  In 2020, the compact IE5+ motor of size 71 was presented, and now size 90 is also available for power ranges from 1.1 to 4.0 kW, with a continuous torque of 6.8 to 18.2 Nm.

The motor ensures the usual Nord flexibility: Direct motor attachment as well as NEMA and IEC motor attachment are available. Rotary encoder and mechanical brake integration are available on request.

The IE5+ synchronous motors come in two sizes with a smooth motor design, ideally suited for wash-down applications in food and pharmaceutical industries.

Due to the constant torque providing a targeted reduction of variants over a wide speed range, administrative expenses can be minimised, and manufacturing, logistics, storage and service processes can be streamlined. The investment pays for itself within a short time.

The IE5+ synchronous motors can be combined with all gear units and drive electronics from Nord in a modular system. This results in a system solution from a single source in which all components are seamlessly matched.

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