Optima solutions for goods in high demand

04 May 2020

Optima Group is providing support to companies with machine solutions that are in high demand during COVID-19.

The need for specific consumer goods and hygiene products, pharmaceuticals and medical technology has arguably never been greater.  This prompted Germany-based Optima to provide special machine solutions which can be flexibly adapted to suit the new market requirements.

“Developing customer-specific solutions is part of Optima’s DNA”, says Hans Buehler, the Managing Director of Optima Group based in Schwaebisch Hall. Therefore, the specialist machine manufacturer is supporting manufacturing companies during this difficult time, specifically with its expertise, highly flexible machine solutions, virtual machine acceptance and digital services.

“We are currently handling several machine projects which specifically relate to products for the Corona pandemic”, stresses Buehler. Examples of these include filling systems for diagnostic test kits which are used for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). There is also demand for manufacturing equipment for filters used in ventilators and machines for filling vaccines and therapeutic drugs. 

New information page for particularly high demand machines

The company has now grouped together on a special website all the machine solutions which are particularly in demand at this time. Prospective customers can find information at www.optimapackaging.com/fightcovid19 on the right machines for filling, closing and packaging diagnostic test kits, full face protective masks, disinfectants, filters for ventilators, vaccines and medications and toilet paper, as well as important information on digital services during the crisis and contact options.

Successful use of streaming technology for machine acceptance

Virtual machine acceptance means that Optima can ensure that machines are delivered on time during the crisis. Recently, the most complex virtual machine acceptance in the company’s history was performed. Eleven cameras track the acceptance of a highly complex high-performance filling system for cosmetics. Over 30 employees of the customer from the USA tracked every step of the virtual factory acceptance test every day.

“This means that additional customer experts who are not part of the acceptance team can be called in for certain areas,” explains Heiko Kuehne, Vice President Cosmetics & Chemicals at Optima Consumer. Key suppliers are also contacted by Optima to answer customer questions. This generates an exchange of ideas across disciplines and has strengthened the sense of partnership. Even operating staff who do not normally get to travel to the acceptance test are also able to gain in-depth insight. This means short commissioning times and a rapid start to production.

Social responsibility

As its contribution to tackling the crisis, Optima is assisting the company Wrapping Solutions, based in Rosengarten, Schwaebisch Hall, in producing full face protective masks with manual folding devices. Numerous inquiries from all over Germany have been received for this solution in recent weeks. The manufacturing of folding devices will be organised and carried out via the Optima training centre. 

For more information on Optima, visit: www.optimapackaging.com