Scott Europe to deliver its proven materials handling solutions to major meat producer in Canada - record deal

20 Jun 2022

Scott Automation have signed a record deal to expand their materials handling business into North America. Delivering their first fully automated warehousing system for one of the largest JBS’s beef processing facilities in Canada, with an estimated value of 35 Million USD.

This success was achieved thanks to an extensive cooperation between Scott Europe (ex Alvey), Scott US and our partner Savoye. The new Scott automated solution will replace a fully manual system, increasing product handling efficiencies by allowing more flexible high-speed carton sortation and management. Scott will deliver an end-to-end solution, integrating the Savoye AS/RS solutions seamlessly with our own conveying, palletizing and AGV’s solutions. The project will be managed and supplied (Scott equipment) from our facilities in Europe, the AGV’s will be supplied by Scott US.

The system will manage 600 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), allowing for optimized order management. It will enable picking of 3,000 cartons per hour, shipping of 40,000 cartons per day, high-speed palletising of 120+ pallets per hour and provide high-density storage for 85,000 cartons. It will integrate with Warehouse Execution Software for complete monitoring, management, and control of goods.

This project is a significant step forward for Scott and supports their strategy to expand their proven materials handling business outside of Europe. 

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