SICK’s Deep Learning Brings Simplicity to AI Inspection

02 Dec 2020

SICK has launched a suite of Deep Learning applications (‘apps’) and services, developed with user-simplicity at their core, while catering for wide-ranging skill levels.

The company’s Deep Learning offering radically reduces set-up time and cost by enabling artificial intelligence (AI) image classification to run directly onboard SICK smart devices.

With Deep Learning, programmable SICK devices take decisions automatically using specially optimised cloud-based neural networks to run accurate and reliable inspections that would have previously been extremely challenging, or simply impossible to achieve, in high-speed automated processes.

The ready-to-use Intelligent Inspection Sensor App is available on-board the new SICK Inspector P621 2D smart camera.  This enables quick and easy integration with a large set of configurable machine vision tools. 

The roll-out will see SICK Deep Learning enabled across SICK smart 2D and 3D vision sensors, and SICK data processing gateways such as its sensor integration machines. More experienced users can create and customise their own Deep Learning sensor apps using SICK AppSpace and SICK Nova vision tools.

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