STEMMER - Software Training: Programming with Common Vision Blox

15 Jan 2020

This course not only covers the basic structure and concepts used in CVB, it also contains tips and tricks for quick and stable programming of your machine vision application. This helps you to achieve results faster using best practice and reduces the need for code restructuring and support.

During the training, you will create numerous example applications in order to ensure your ability to independently work with CVB after the training.

Target audience

Developers and programmers of machine vision solutions with basic knowledge of programming languages such as Visual Basic, C#, C++, etc.


  • Common Vision Blox (CVB) basics
  • General introduction to imaging and machine vision
  • Common Vision Blox (CVB) basic concepts
  • Software tools in CVB
  • Creating sample applications using a number of programming environments


This course is free of charge.

Please register using the link below: