Verder Hygienic Lobe Pumps Provide Benefits in Many Markets

29 Mar 2022

An update following the acquisition of Jabsco rotary lobe pumps from Xylem

Widely used in hygienic process industries, Packo (a Verder company) and Jabsco by Packo lobe pumps offer smooth low pulse pumping action for transfer of both viscous and non-viscous fluids and shear sensitive media.

  • Hygienic surface finishes of fully FDA, EHEDG and EMN1935-2004 conforming materials
  • Self-draining capabilities
  • Expert rotor design – flush fitting, sealed rotor screws avoid build-up of stagnant product as no product can get into the rotor drive
  • On both Verder’s Packo and Jabsco by Packo range, high specification taper roller bearings give over one million hours of life on a typical duty application
  • Short flushing paths enable perfect CIP results

Verder pumps have many benefits to the end user including reduced downtime and maintenance costs, and with over 60 years’ experience they are able to suggest the ideal pump for your process.

In May 2021, the Verder Group announced the acquisition of the Jabsco rotary lobe pump product line from Xylem. This acquisition strengthened Verder’s position in the hygienic pump market providing a wider portfolio of offerings in the food & beverage and brewing industries. These pumps were renamed as ‘Jabsco by Packo’ and now sit alongside their existing hygienic pumps by Packo to provide yet more excellent technology.

As a result of acquiring this product line they also gained a list of valued and loyal customers who use Jabsco by Packo product ranges and need continued support.

Following feedback from both the customers they inherited, and potential new customers they have made noteworthy improvements. Verder have seen significant decreases in the delivery time scales and are now working to the time frames people expect. Their factory has seen investment and expansion, with new machines and training to decrease the delivery times even further. Raw materials are becoming more readily available allowing them to work more quickly and produce better lead times. Verder’s staff have received new, specialised training on the Jabsco by Packo range in order to help with customer queries and assist the ordering process. Verder is committed to continuing to nurture this product range in order to successfully align it with the Verder company business principles over the coming months.

More details on the Jabsco by Packo range can be found here:

Jabsco by Packo | Hygienic Lobe Pumps | Manufacturer (