YPS: Shrinking the impact of COVID-19 on production

05 May 2020

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Yorkshire Packaging Systems (YPS) has pulled out all the stops to deliver uninterrupted service and exceptional support to customers that are supplying the nation with food, pharmceuticals, cleaning items and medicinal products.

To protect the continuity of their customer’s production, YPS has significantly increased stock levels of shrink wrapping film (sourced exclusively from Bollore in France) and critical machine parts week on week since the crisis began.

YPS reports that customers supplying food products have seen particualary huge swells in consumer demand which has triggered sharp increases of up to 30% in their film usage. The boosted stock levels implemented by YPS has meant these companies have benefiitted from same or next day film shipments without fail, avoiding any production downtime. To support critical businesses further, YPS has waived all carriage charges to them for the duration of the pandemic.

To cater to businesses researching packaging projects, but concerned about safety; and those with staff unable to travel, YPS has introduced personalised virtual machinery demonstrations and film trials. Shot safely and securely on site at YPS with the customer’s products, demo footage is sent directly to the customer’s inbox to progress their investigations.

As well as enhancing consumable provisions and embracing technology, YPS has also extended their engineering service especially for essential businesses. The company’s experienced, knowledgable engineers are now available around the clock by telephone or in person, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any customer responding to COVID-19 demands. This extended engineering assistance was certainly evident when Monarch Chemicals demanded a speedy chemical reaction…   

Kent-based Monarch Chemicals are a leading manufacturer of chemical products, including those used for cleaning applications. They recently approached YPS with a requirement for an automated stretch wrapping machine. Demand for their products has significantly increased due to hygeine obligations made necessary by Coronavirus. YPS worked hard to reduce the lead time on the turntable wrapper they ordered to alleviate the pressure of this demand on their goods out department as soon as possible.

Ahead of schedule, the pallet wrapper was delivered and installed in April 2020. It has enabled Monarch to rapidly upscale the output of their critical products, as the process is now much faster compared to the manual pallet wrapping that they were used to.

For more information on YPS, visit: www.yps.co.uk