Self Assessment

The A3 / BARA Robot Integrators’ Certification Scheme serves to recognise best practice of robot integrators in the UK.

As part of the process to become a Certified Robot Integrator, companies have the opportunity to undertake a FREE self-assessment to see if they meet the necessary criteria prior making a formal application.

The Robot Integrator Scorecard verifies companies against a 25-point list of measurable criteria, which principally comprises the following subject areas:

  • ISO certification status
  • Integration Business Objectives and Projects
  • Customer Service and Reporting
  • Safety Training and Risk Assessment
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Robot System, Engineering, Vision and Network Capabilities
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Factory Assessment Tests
  • Company Profile

All companies that meet or exceed the required score of 3.2 will be eligible to proceed to formal audit, subject to satisfying the initial registration fee and audit fee. Full details are available in the list of UK Certification Scheme Costs here.