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Palamatic boasts over 35 years of experience in materials and powder handling, placing it at the cutting edge of lifting and handling solutions for all manufacturing industries.

As a leading expert in handling solutions, Palamatic offers an extensive range of equipment, which includes vacuum tube lifting systems, support gantries, automatic sack opening machinery and bespoke cGMP handling solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. In addition to this, Palamatic also keeps spare parts in stock for standard systems,

This excellent product range is supported by an exceptional end-to-end service, from sales enquiry through to after-sales services. Highly experienced staff are available to offer help and advice at all stages of the process, and Palamatic can assist with parts, servicing, and annual certification requirements to ensure customers’ equipment provides many years of active service.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Melanie Archbould
  • Chairman: Stewart Bennison
  • Company Secretary: Sue Bennison
  • Materials Handling Solutions Sales - South: Matt Bennison
  • Head of Marketing: Andrea Fincham

Products Supplied

Palamatic Vacuum Tube Lifters:
Ergonomic fast, easy, lifting and repetitive materials handling of sacks, boxes, drums, doors, boards, reels and other products.
Palamatic Uni-LITE Vacuum Lifter:
One-handed operation vacuum lifter for lighter loads. Lifting sacks, drums, pails, cartons and boxes efficiently with inter-changeable heads for multiple applications. Available for both warehouse and cGMP working areas.
Palamatic Reel Handler:
Range of reel lifting, manipulating, transportation and loading machines.
Palpharma Platform Lifts:
cGMP design platform ground to mezzanine lifts for pallets, drums and other products in a clean process environment.
PalPharma Drum Tippers:
Drum emptying, positioning and tip for ergonomic materials transfer in process with contained dust.
PalPharma Post Hoists:
Post hoists to lift, position, invert, dump and dock, drum and containers onto process mixing, reactor, or tableting machines.
PalPharmaMove Mobile Lifting and Handling:
Lifting and handling devices to grip, lift and move, drums, reels, bags, and other products from one process and transport and / or empty into another part of process.
Palamatic Industrial Manipulators:
Rigid arm manipulators for cantilevered load handling in car production and other production line lifting from stillage to production line.
Palamatic mobile handling devices:
Palamatic range of lift2move, touch2move lifting and handling devices.
Palamatic Pneumatic Balancer:
Zero gravity pneumatic lift balancer for easy and accurate load positioning.
Palamatic Container Loading Systems:
Container loading system for use in loading/unloading bays.
Palamatic Electronic Balancer:
Zero gravity load sensing weighing with adjustable virtual limit switches and load acceleration and deceleration setting. Zero product damage.
Palamatic Automatic Sack Opening:
Automatic sack, bag, hessian, burlap, plastic and polywoven opening in dust contained efficient coshh compliant.
Pallet Lifter:
Vacuum lifter for handling unloaded pallets and pallet inspection for use in your warehouse.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

We have global representation in all continents:
Please contact the UK office for your local dealer.
UK Reps

There are no UK Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

Trade names

Trade names

  • F-AST Fully Automatic Sack Tip
  • PalPharmaBin Drums and IBC's
  • PalPharmaBlend Drum and IBC Blending System
  • PalPharmaHoist Post Hoist System
  • PalPharMassage Drum Conditioning System
  • PalPharmAssist Pneumatic Lifting System
  • PalPharmaTip Drum Tipping System
  • PalPharmaVac GMP Vacuum Tube Lifting System
  • PalPharma Move Hygienic Mobile Lifting System
  • S-AST - Semi Automatic Sack Tip
  • S-LINE Vacuum Tube Lifter
  • Uni-LITE Single Hand Operated Vacuum Tube Lifter
  • RotaSlit - High Throughput Sack Discharger
  • RotaSlit - High Throughput Sack Discharger
  • RotaSlit
  • Pal-TRAC-High Lift Cleanroom Hoist

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