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Modern processing and packaging lines present daunting challenges for automation vendors; for they must have high speed, high throughput and high quality, yet also be extremely reliable, flexible, easy to use and maintain, as well as cost effective.

Schneider Electric has a range of equipment and systems that address all these issues, from intelligent sensors to advanced servo motion control and from powerful PLCs to intelligent and intuitive operator interfaces. In fact, Scheider Electric has the total offer for packaging and processing automation and integration.

At components level Schneider Electric innovation delivers increased uptime, reduced maintenance and high dependability. Just a single example, the latest XUKT sensors have intelligent automatic gain to compensate for dust or residue buildup during operation - ensuring the sensors work perfectly for longer between routine maintenance cycles. Schneider Electric also has the most extensive ranges of pushbuttons, indicators and machine safety devices.

At motion level, the company's Lexium servo offer includes highly efficient, high dynamic motors coupled with powerful amplifiers and motion controllers. Finally, there is the advanced Altivar range of variable speed drives that in turn complement the Altistart and Tesys motor controllers.

For machine control, the latest Modicon, Quantum and Atrium PLC offers have breathtaking power, flexibilty and easy programming as well as software development tools, such as Unity, that enable faster system development. The PLC range goes from simple brick controllers to complete PLC racks offering thousands of I/O.

At the user interface, the Magelis range of HMIs and intelligent terminals provide easy control for users and the ability to interface with any types of fieldbus or communications technologies.

Schneider Electric is the world leader in the development and manufacture of power and control products for the distribution and industrial application of electricity.

Management Personnel

  • Industry VP: Martin Walder
  • OEM Director - UK & Ireland: Alexandre Flory
  • OEM Engineering Manager: Mariano Sanchez
  • Financial Controller: David Tippins
  • End User Director: Mark Yeeles
  • Marketing Director: Chris Haines

Products Supplied

Range of variable speed drives and soft starts ensure smooth machine start up and accurate processing speeds, as well as energy saving in certain variable torque applications.
Control & Signalling:
Harmony is the world's favourite pushbutton and pilot-lights, with the widest range with 16mm, 22mm, 30mm, metallic and plastic devices. Harmony beacons, pendent stations, cam-switches and Zelio plug-in relays, timers, control relays will give quality and ease of use solutions for your applications.
The Preventa safety products can be used in simple to complex applications and includes safety relays, safety controllers, safety PLCs, ASI - safety at work, limit and guard switches, light curtains, coded magnetic switches, solenoid interlocks, emergency stops, two-hand controllers, rope pulls, foot switches, enabling switches and pressure mats.
A complete range of sensors that cover everything from clear container detection to colour detection goods. The range includes ultrasonic senors with a range up to 8 metres, stanless steel proximity for severe environments, and photoelectric unique 4-mode detection in one.
Motion Control:
The new Lexium servo motion offer includes drives and motors and has in-built packaging function blocks for operations such as cam profiles, flying shear and rotary knife. Schneider Electric solutions also provide simultaneous high performance servo motion control - associated with PLC sequential control.
Automation Controllers:
A wide range of PLC's for stand alone or IT web enabled applications, to enhance machine performance via fully integrated systems.
Internet Based Technologies:
A suite of 'Transparent Ready' web enabled technologies that allow real time access to plant floor data for diagnostics, system condition or maintenance.
Human Machine Interface:
A suite of basic text displays, graphic touchscreens ranging from 3.8" up to 15" and industrial PCs to cater for all standalone or networked applications, all the way up to SCADA. Magelis touchscreens communicate directly with all major vendors PLCs to provide accurate informaion and provide centralised as well as localised control.
AS - Interface:
The Actuator Sensor Interface cabling solution allows simplified I/O wiring, reduces machine build time, improves machine reliabilty and diagnostics as well as reducing installation/commissioning costs.
Power Control and Protection:
TeSys - Innovative, intelligent and flexible motor starting solutions bring reliability and safety, reducing machine downtime.
Electrical distribution:
A range of protection and control devices that has a broad range of auxiliaries for all installation configurations as well as accessories to provide simplified installation to National and International standards.
Electrical and electronic enclosures:
Sarel enclosures have IP protected housings for all control and automation applications; from small boxes to wall mounting enclosures to monobloc or extendable floor standing cubicles and 19-inch racks.
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