Verder are nominated for the Global Business Excellence Awards

28 Mar 2022

Verder are pleased to announce that the Verderflex Dura 65 peristaltic pump is among the nominees for the Best New Product/Service category in the Global Business Excellence Awards 2022.

The Verderflex Dura 65 was released in early 2021 and we are delighted it is being recognised for its innovative design features which set it apart from the competition.

The D65 achieves the highest performance with the smallest possible footprint. The innovative design of the D65 with a vertical motor ensures minimal space requirement and optimally cools the pump housing and hose. The D65 features a compact footprint which requires up to 70% less floor space than other comparable pumps. Although the D65 is smaller in size, it achieves the same or higher flow than similar products. With the D65 hose changes are fast and easy because of its unique connection system. Unlike the closest competitors, the D65 features fully supported, shimmable rotor shoes. Competitors use a resin or plastic shoe which does not last anywhere near as long as Verder’s fully metal shoe as it can break under the internal pressure. This means that costly components need to be replaced more often compared to our rotor shoe.

Another factor which makes the D65 the market leader is the superior flange connections compared to competitor low-cost designs using brackets and clips – Verder’s connection sits flush to the casing using solid support flanges so there is no exposed hose. If hose is exposed it needs to be held down using clamps, which can rust in place and require removing with a hacksaw. The D65 hose connection is much safer as chemicals do not have an escape path. It also increases the life of the hose and components. As the hose is totally enclosed inside the pump casing with no parts exposed to external factors this reduces abrasive wear on other working parts, dramatically extending the life of the pump.

The range of hose materials combined with the flow achievable for the pump footprint makes this a true market leader. The D65 is a true innovation in pumping technology, and Verder intent to develop it even further over the course of 2022.