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Vision in Action Winter 2021

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has had a huge impact in almost every sector of the global economy. However, the ability of machine vision to increase levels of automation, improve efficiencies and accommodate changing working practices puts the technology in a prime position to help fuel a recovery from this economic downturn.

This view is very much the focus of the Winter 2021 issue of Vision in Action. In addition to covering the latest products, technology and application stories from UKIVA members, Vision in Action’s centre page feature highlights the benefits that vision technology can bring across many different industries. Keeping key businesses running, often at increased capacity or with reduced workforce availability due to infection or self-isolation, is easier where vision systems are used for automated inspection.

Building blocks, such as the latest camera technology, high speed imaging, embedded vision, deep learning, 3D vision and vision-guided robots, are key to delivering automated solutions. The application of thermal imaging to detect elevated body temperature is helping with visitor screening in high-traffic public places. Remote access to vision systems for parameter adjustment and trouble-shooting has become more important where travel restrictions have been imposed.

There is a special focus in Vision in Action on real-world examples of the ways in which vision systems have helped a variety of organisations through these challenging times, and how they can continue to do so. Many vision projects were put on hold when the virus first struck. Resuming these and investing in a new age of vision technology could pave the way towards economic recovery.

Vision in Action also highlights that the 2021 Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition has been rescheduled to 15 July 2021 at the Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes, UK. This new date provides an even better chance that individuals will once again be able to experience the live event, where an impressive technical seminar programme is combined with an exhibition of the latest vision technology in an environment that encourages networking with some of the World’s leading machine vision experts.