Established in 1992, UKIVA was born at a time when machine vision was still in its infancy and much of the technology derived from other industries. 

The technological explosion in the intervening years was the driving force behind the establishment of an industry that has enjoyed substantial growth year on year.  As such, the industrial machine vision industry is expected to be worth over 14 billion dollars by 2022.

UKIVA promotes the use of image processing technology throughout UK industry; providing an industry voice and helping companies to gain a competitive advantage through seminars, conferences and technical information.

In 2009, UKIVA became a part of the PPMA Group of Associations and has a close affinity with BARA (British Automation & Robot Association) based on the combined use of vision and robotics within the end to end production line process.

UKIVA members and associates typically fall into three categories: vision technology providers, mainly distributors of machine vision products and technology; vision systems integrators and consultants, companies who specialise in designing vision systems for the manufacturing environment; and providers of solutions that utilise machine vision technology, organisations who use vision systems within the equipment they manufacture.